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The ratio between cases of burned areas and cases of

affected areas

Ratio between burned areas and affected areas

Occurrence Surfaces

Figure 9. Relation burned areas and affected areas

The situation is rather different in case of fires in forest areas. In forest cases affected by fires only 60% of them is

accompanied by burned situation; and if the burn process starts normally only in 27% of the surfaces (in average) will

be classified at the end as burned areas. This is related generally with the intervention of forest fighters and people,

which reserve a major interest about the forest regarding to the pasture areas, but may be related also to the enormous

surface of pastures or the accuracy of data, etc.


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IFFN/GFMC contribution submitted by:

Mehmet Meta, Genci Hoxhaj and Safet Dule, Directorate General of Forestry and Pastures

Fatmir Lacej, Faculty of Forest Sciences

Petrit Zorba, Hydrometeorological Institute, Academy of Sciences

Corresponding author:

Mehmet Meta

Directorate General of Forestry and Pastures

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