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2.4 Albania versus other Mediterranean countries

Let see for a while how Albania is positioned versus what is happening in other Mediterranean countries. Generally, all

Mediterranean basin is frequently affected by the forest fires. An index is developed by the team to compare the

situation of forest fires among a group of countries with similar agro-pedo-climate conditions. This index is based on

the ration between the forest areas burned in a country and total surface of that country for a give period (1989-1998).

This index for Albania has almost the same value as in other countries.

It's very important to underline that during the last time (period 1998-2001) the value of index G for Albania in the

following table is higher than that of the other countries, which means a significant increase in loss and total damage in

our forest areas.

Table 1. Comparison of forest fires occurred in some European Countries with regard to “area of forest burned by a

fire” (average of the period 1989-1998).

* (calculated for the year 2001)

The occurrence of forest fires in Albania distributed by districts for the years 1999-2001 is provided in Figure 5

Figure 5. Occurrence of forest fires in Albania by districts for the years 1999-2001.

2.5 Forest Fire Prevention and Control

The fundamental goal of the contemporary forest management is that the goods, services and benefits of forests are

provided according to the principles of sustainability and multiple uses for the usage of society. Achieving this goal,

implies that the forest resources take part in the focal point of sustainable development when considering its prevalence,

share weight in the biomass, organization level, vital role in the energy and matter circulation, the size of targeted

population group directly benefited from forests. In another word, the route of the sustainable development passes

through the sustainable forestry (GERAY 1998).

However, there are some biotic and abiotic factors affecting the sustainable forestry, which is extremely important for

the sustainable development. While some of these factors are originating from human being, some of them are arisen

from the processes of fungus and insect damage, storm, snow, fires, etc.




How looks Albania progress?

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