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Fires occurrences (cases)

1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001

Natural Intentional Negligence unknown

Among the forest fires caused by negligence and carelessness, the most important ones are the fires arisen from

cropland burning and clearing fields for agricultural purpose, cigarette, picnic fire, other fires set by shepherds and

hunters. Among the fires occurring accidentally, the fires arisen from breaking off the electricity line are also important.

Clear cutting for agricultural purposes and covering the tracks of criminal are intentional fires started by people. In

Albania, people are a main factor causing the forest fires. In this case, it is important that human being must be taken

into consideration for the protection of forests from fires.

Besides the requirements for forestry related training of a part of society, it is necessary to expose the economic aspect

of damage resulted from forest fires and therefore having a more clear picture on the financial values of damages

created by fires and hopefully making aware the respective authorities for the need to get immediate and appropriate


Climate conditions and the ongoing of specific meteorological elements, which facilitate the starting process and

consequently also an easy distribution of fires in other spaces, are also of primary importance. The majority of forest

fires occur during June – September reaching the maximum during July and August (in this period the soil surface

maximum temperatures is round 65ºC-70ºC).




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