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The enabling activity will assess opportunities for improving conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity using incentive-based approaches such as community based management. An assessment will also be made of the capacities to implement these. Of particular importance will be community based approaches in protected area management and in the management of mountain pastures, which are biodiversity-rich and over utilized as a result of inadequate incentives for their sustainable management.


1. Develop the legislative and management framework for biodiversity conservation and set criteria for the selection of the PAs, with legal and administrative autonomy.

2. Identify the existing needs and develop the required capacities for effective management.

3. Develop special short training courses (1-3 months) for biodiversity and PAs administration and management for administration staff, consisting of up-to-date topics.

4. Develop management plans (MPs) for priority PAs and assess financial and technical assistance needs, including participatory mechanisms and economically viable alternative livelihood options Management plans should include investment in basic park infrastructure and forest resource conservation and sustainable mangement.

5. Develop an Integrated Territory Plan and a proper waste management in the PAs. Define mechanisms for local population awareness to be included in the management plans.

6. Identify through a participatory process investments and activities (equipment, basic infrastructure, trails, habitat restoration, monitoring, awareness, etc.) to be implemented in each PA and the corresponding design, costs and schedules.

7. Identify issues and constraints to extend existing PAs, in particular to create a Peace Park in “Bjeshket e Namuna” and “Thethi region and develop a framework for this trans-boundary cooperation, as well as a costed action plan required for implementing the project,




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