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Trans-boundary Cooperation and Balkans Peace Park Project (BPPP)

Some activities have already been initiated through mutual cooperation between trans-boundary countries; exchange visits, workshops, seminars, and tourist activities in “Thethi” NP. Links have been made between several NGOs in Shkodra/Albania and in Kosovo and Montenegro.

Recently there have been more activities conducted in the proposed Bjeshkët e Namuna National Park such as trekking, workshops and field trips. These activities need to be better planned and inclusive of the local community in the future.

The Balkan Peace Park project (Bjeshkët e Namuna) has already been initiated in order to promote coordination between bordering countries, as well as aiming to encourage and support local activities, research, nature conservation, and environmental education.

Implementation of Measures for In-situ and Ex-situ Conservation and Sustainable Use

There are a number of priority areas for improving the policy framework for biodiversity which require assessments. These are:

(a) Biodiversity-related legislation. A review of legislation related to biodiversity conservation, focusing on gaps in legislation and on areas where improvement in integration among the laws is needed.

(b) Other biodiversity policy instruments - sectoral strategies and policies that affect biodiversity and protected areas such as natural resource pricing policies and other forms of subsidies that have the potential to encourage overuse of biological resources, introduction of incentives for their conservation and sustainable use;

(c) Harmonization of Albanian legislation with the EU, including international treaties and European Union environmental legislation, identifying priority actions for improvement.

The assessments would be carried out through workshops, review of draft working papers by key stakeholders, consultations, and distribution of recommendations to the relevant institutions. The output would be an assessment of gaps, capacities, and the needs and actions for improving the legal and regulatory framework for biodiversity conservation and use. These activities will contribute to the establishment of a more comprehensive and systemic policy framework through specific assessment of the need for change in legislation and other policy instruments in particular areas.




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