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Threats to Biodiversity

There are several potential threats to protected area management in Albania and those of trans-boundary regions.

· Lack of subsistence alternatives to protect the livelihoods of local communities.

· Lack of know-how to augment their values and management skills.

· Rare medicinal plants are threatened by over harvesting.

· Unemployment, especially in rural areas where people rely more on natural resources.

· Illegal hunting and trapping for wild fauna in the wild and remote areas.

· Lack of funds for rare species preservation and monitoring.

· Lack of funding for virgin/intact forests and for studying and monitoring natural habitats.

· Uncontrolled overgrazing and cutting/pruning of broadleaves for fodder.

Constraints to improving the biodiversity state

· Lack of adequate legal and policy framework.

· Lack of MP and mapping for protected areas (Proposed National Park by Strategy and Action Plan of Biodiversity - SAPB).

· Lack of trained administration with appropriate skills.

· Lack of financial and technical support for biodiversity conservation by government and donors.

· Lack of sustainable tourism.

· Lack of support and funding of civil society groups in the area of biodiversity conservation.

· Low level of public awareness and the need for public awareness campaigns.

World Bank Forestry Project

Within the WB Forestry project (1996-2003) the PAs have been a special component supported by funding of 1.2 million USD. This has assisted in capacity building, purchase of office equipment, management plan redesign, carrying out selected area studies and evaluations/assessments and providing required tools and equipments and re-habilitating the visitor centres etc. The latter have included a study on the existing status of PAs, study of main habitats using the CORINE system, “EMERALD” network study, study of new representative PAs network proposed by the Strategy of Biodiversity, mapping and database studies (ongoing).

National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan

The first National Biodiversity Strategy/Action Plan (BSAP) updated the status and trends of biodiversity threats and protection in Albania, and identified the objectives, priorities, and actions for in-situ and ex-situ biodiversity protection as well as the implementation requirements and financing needs for achieving these. Monitoring of the implementation of the BSAP has been one of the main tasks of the National Council for Nature and Biodiversity (NCBD), established in 2000 and chaired by the deputy Prime Minister. The new Ministry of Environment, was established in 2001, with an expanded mandate for improving environmental protection and promoting conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. In 2002, the MoE was successful in obtaining approval of a new Law on Protected Areas. The new Law on Protected Areas, represents an important step forward for Albania by expanding the mandate for protected areas to include environmental tourism, public education functions, and benefit sharing with local communities. As from 2005 within new Government from the born from country´s general new elections the former MoE was awarded as a new responsibility to directly administrate/manage the forest and pasture resources, to include PAs and NPs and also the water sources and it was re-named into Ministry of Environment, Forests and water administration (MoEFWA).




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