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About the Author

I am graduated as a forestry engineer in 1979, from the Silviculture Branch of the Faculty of Forestry, Agriculture University of Tirana. I used to work as a field-specialist in North-East Albania, Kukesi district, for 10 years (1979-1989) then I was transferred to the Directorate General of Forests and Pastures in the DGFP/Tirana, where I’ve been working as a senior-specialist responsible for forest protection, legal aspects, fire and pest-diseases, and various other positions and external co-ordinations (1990-1999).

I used ultimately be as Director of Protected Areas and National Parks (1999-2002). In the year 2003 I was assigned as FAO/UN (GCP/004/ITA) National Project Coordinator. Since 2004, I was assigned as Executive Director of ALBAFOREST (Centre for Forest Studies and Consulting). In addition within these years of working in the ALBAFOREST I have coordinated the organization program and projects and also performed various assignments with USAID, UNDP, FAO, and GTZ.




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