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8. Develop a baseline study for the sustainability of regional biodiversity and PAs and their management system effectiveness. This study will be used later in an annual assessment of management effectiveness, using the IUCN criteria for both Biological Inventory and the Biodiversity Action Plan of the park.

9. Promote new job opportunities including provision of small grant programs. Carry out case studies to develop a "marketing strategy" focused on eco-tourism and traditional biological production, with a detailed analysis of local training needs.

10. Develop a Participatory Operational Plan which would denote the medium and long term operations of the area administration (the process would include consensus building processes, critical assessment and design studies, zoning plans and physical demarcation of zones) including tourist trail mapping of the priority protected areas.

Recommendations for demand-driven training:

1. Provision of knowlege for the protected areas in general (What is a PA? What are the various categories ? The IUCN-system ? What is the PAs network in Albania ? Their procedure of designation, legal framework, international signed conventions etc.).

2. Management and administration of a NPs and PAs.

3. Knowledge of Biodiversity (What is biodiversity? Its importance in PAs/NPs conservation? Prespa’s biodiversity? etc.).

4. Preparation and implementation of the action plans in PAs and NPs in collaboration with other country’s expertise and experience.

5. Techniques for generating revenues/benefits from a PAs/NPs and reinvesting them back into NP preservation and management.

6. Fundraising and preparation/writing for NPs-rehabilitation and management projects.

Exchange of information among NPs and PAs inside and outside the country:

1. National Park administration.

2. Commitee for NPs management.

3. Oversight NP Committee.

4. NGOs-including the CFA-Liqenas.

5. Permanent/scheduled capacity building of NP administration.

The implementation of this planning framework would require considerable funding and institutional capacity building of all involved stakeholders on a long-term basis. This option can therefore only be recommended in the context of a multi-donor basket funded programme approach.




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